8 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease


The kidney is a crucial organ of the body which helps to filter the extra water along with harmful chemicals in the blood. You may encounter following problems in case your kidney is not functioning properly.



1. High Blood Pressure


As I mentioned above the role of a kidney is to filter out the extra quantity of water from the blood, in a situation when your kidney is dysfunctional it will fail to filter out water from the blood. As a result of which water level in the blood will rise, giving a reason for high blood pressure.



2. High Level of Minerals in Blood


When kidney will fail to excrete minerals like sodium, potassium, and phosphorus from blood, they will concentrate in the blood causing a no. of problems like dizziness and nausea. Sometimes it harms our soft organs like heart, liver, lungs when concentrating in excess. If you experience any critical episode walk into urgent care near me to seek the help of a physician.



3. Fatigue Caused by Anemia


Our kidney forms a protein called erythropoietin which helps in the formation of red blood cells. A kidney which is not working properly will fail to do so and thus there would be low Rbc count in the blood. An anemic will gets exhausted soon. Red blood cells are very crucial to the functioning of our body and in case you are suffering from a low count of them due to kidney damage, make a visit to

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4. Poor Skeleton


Vitamin D helps in the growth of our bones or skeleton at large. But it is present in the dormant state and requires stimuli to bring in active mode. Our kidney helps to activate vitamin D. In the absence of an appropriately working kidney vitamin d remains dormant as a consequence of which we develop a feeble skeleton.




5. Burning Sensation While Urinating


A stone in the kidney hinders the path of urine from kidney towards ureters as a consequence of which you may feel a burning pain during urination.


6. Blood in Urine


When you have a large kidney stone, it will damage your kidney and it will get injured. The blood from the injured kidney would be drained out along with urine.



7. Swelling



The extra water and minerals in the blood which is not filtered out, by a kidney failure will accumulate in the body and cause swelling to different body parts.


8. Fail to Pass Out Urine


A large stone at the opening of the urinary bladder will hinder ureters to pour urine in the bladder as a result of which person will fail to urinate at all.



These are the symptoms which will make you aware that you are suffering from kidney diseases.