Benefits of Dot Drug testing

The word DOT is an abbreviation used for Department of Transportation under the Drug and alcohol compliancy programs. Under the Workers' Drug Education Programs and the Supervisor of Training for DOT regulated many companies. The word FMCSA which is also known as  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation (DOT) includes policy call in the case of Pre-employment testing, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and return-to-duty testing. It is mandatory for the person who is giving the dot drug test  should have a negative drug test result prior to they can be DOT qualified and if you still have any doubts then you can consult with the experts of Dot Drug Test Hoboken.


On-site drug testing is considered as a safety measure in various workplaces where the chances of accidents take place are quite high. You can even consider it as the protocol whenever one or more employees were involved in a mishap. This can be made in order to identify the real cause of the bad happening and can act as a source of light over the post-accident litigation to establish what was at fault.

In the case of post-accident on-site drug testing can be considered as the norm in such workplaces, there are many companies that need to maintain and conduct random drug testing programs which include so many benefits for their both pre-employment and on-going employee screening produces the following benefits:


  • Upgrade the overall quality of all new hires. Because of this test before hiring any employee you can easily get an overview of the behavior, habits along with his drug and alcohol consumption habits which you can say are directly proportional to chances of accidents and life-threatening risks.
  • It will decrease the number of incidence of drug-related accidents if the person will go through this test then the level of drug and alcohol can be taken into account and on that basis, Designated Employer Representative (DER) must be selected by the employer for the DER responsible for the drug and alcohol program functions.
  • Reduces the costs of insurance and healthcare. Based on this test the employee is selected which indirectly or directly decreases the use of all these health related schemes and policies.


  • Decrease the number of absenteeism. If the employer has an idea of how much the person is consuming any sort of drug or alcohol then through this test it can be easily diagnosed along with the overall health and various health related issues that might occur in the future.
  • In the case of sports, this test is very helpful for keeping a fair result and also to keep up the good health of all the players. This program is basically designed in order to help all the players to end the use of banned substances and illegal drugs.


You know that Safety should always be considered as the priority for all employers. It not only concerns with the complete protection of every employee from any sort of physical harm but you can take it as a way of showing the worry for its company's employees along with their well-being. Above are mentioned some of the major benefits about the DOT Drug Test which should know by every employee for their safety as well other employees. In case if you are still left with any confusions or queries and wants only expert advice only then you need to contact the Dot Physical Jersey City for all your solutions.