Facts About Dot Drug Test


In the early 1990's, Congress introduced and passed an Act of Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991 after that if a person is found abusing just after the alcohol along with the  use of illegal drug which further results in significant dangers to the safety and welfare of the nation's citizens since huge amount of the drivers is dependent on the various forms of transportation.

Under the Drug and alcohol compliancy programs for the DOT which is an abbreviation for Department of Transportation.  The Supervisor Training, and Workers' Drug Education Programs for DOT regulated companies. The (FMCSA) which is also known as  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation (DOT) involves regulations call in the case of Pre-employment testing, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and return-to-duty testing. It is necessary that the driver must have a negative drug test result before they can be DOT qualified and if you still have any doubts then you can consult with the experts of Dot Drug Test Newark. Some of the DOT test panel which includes testing for the following drugs are:-

• Methamphetamine
• Amphetamine
• Delta-9-Carboxy THC (Marijuana)
• Benzoylecgonine
• Morphine
• Codeine


Some of the important facts that one should know about DOT Drug Test includes the following:-

  • It is necessary to determine that the requirements of your company fall under the Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Testing.
  • A  proper written Policy is required of Employers in which detail explanation of the company's drug and alcohol program is mentioned.
  • A Designated Employer Representative (DER) must be selected by the employer requiring the DER responsible for the drug and alcohol program functions
  • There are three option for the employers for deciding how to administer the DOT program in the organization
  • Proper education training should be provided to the employee and supervisor.
  • Detail of Specific drug and alcohol testing requirements are mentioned properly.
    After effects of when employees violate the rules
  • Issues of Medical marijuana.


Safety should always be the first priority for all employers. It not only includes the protects of every employees from harm but it is also a way of showing the concern for its company's employees and their well-being. Above mentioned are some of the facts about the DOT Drug Test which every employee should know for the betterment of their as well other employee's. In case you are still left with any queries and wants expert advice only then do visit Dot Drug Test Belleville for all your answers and don't feel hesitated just contact them.