What are Reasons of an Expert Physician for Ordering Chest X-Rays ?


Everybody have an idea about Chest X-rays. It is the considered as one of the oldest methods of detecting various heart, lungs or chest problems. It is also used to check how a person is responding to a treatment procedure. Following are some issues when a Belleville emergency care physician may order for a chest X-ray :-

• Lungs related issues - Chest X-rays can detect infections and any other chronic problems in the lungs. It is also used as a primary diagnosis measure for lung cancer, collapsed lungs, COPD, etc.

• Detection of physical parameters of heart and lungs – It is sometimes used to detect any changes in the size and shape of the heart and the lungs.

• Rib fractures – A Hoboken emergency care physician may order Chest X-ray to detect fractured ribs or spine due to an accident.

• Calcium deposits - Chest X-rays are often use to confirm the presence of calcium deposits in the heart or blood vessels.

• Post-surgical changes - Chest X-rays are also used to monitor how a person is recovering after a chest surgery.


• A pacemaker, defibrillator or catheter - While inserting pacemakers and defibrillators different wires are attached with the heart. A chest X-ray can be taken after lacing those devices to make sure that the wires are correctly positioned.

• Common problems – In some common problems like congestion in the chest or breathing trouble, Chest X-ray is taken to understand the severity of the problem.


It is a very easy measure of diagnosis, which takes just a few minutes. Normally, a radiology technologist does Chest X-rays and report is prepared by a radiologist.