How Is Drug Abuse Harmful For Health?

Drug abuse is a state of extreme desire to acquire and use increasing amounts of one or more substances that have immense effect on nervous system and vital organs. Drug abuse is a nonspecific term, which means abuse of any drug including cigarettes and alcohol. Drug abuse is mostly habitual and may lead to addiction in later periods of life, if not taken care of in right time.


It is the sole responsibility of a family of a drug abuser to take the matter seriously and contact an urgent care unit like the Urgent Care Clinic Bridgewater to consult an expert and take necessary treatment for the drug abuser.

According to the experts the following are the risk factors that instigate drug abuse among young members of a society –

Unstable home environment mostly due to mental disorder of one or more adult members.

  • Poor relation with the parents
  • Friendship with drug abusers
  • Permissive attitude of close acquaintances as far as use of drugs are concerned
  • Behavioral disorder at adolescence combined with poor parenting
  • Poor social disapproval and mostly non existing
  • Availability of drugs in community


There may be many other factors responsible for drug abuse, but family and society as a whole have a vital role to play in keeping an individual mentally healthy and strong. Drug abuse is a psychological condition that often grows due to weak bondage with the parents, other family members or due to poor ethics that children learn from his or her social environment. Urgent Care in Weehawken is the best option to get affordable treatment.