What Causes Elbow Pain? Facts You Need To Know!

So you got a poor elbow pain! Are you a Fitness Freaker? Because in my experience, I have seen many weight lifters who got severe pain in the certain parts of their body. And I think, its nothing new for them. But I am not saying that only sporty people get affected with an elbow pain, elbow pain can happen to anyone. So as you!

Medical Science says, the people who lift some heavy weight for a long time are very familiar to elbow pain. But as they say this, definitely they have also analyzed all the causes of such pain. Some of the causes are explained below:


Do you feel constant elbow pain?

If you do, it is recommended to consult a professional physician to analyze the main cause of this pain. For your own physical test, do these steps:

  • By hanging your both arms by your sides, go and stand in front of the mirror.

  • Determine the position of your arm. Are they normal or not?

  • Bend your arms towards your chest.

  • Keep your arms straight and then rotate your palms. ‘

  • Can you feel and point out the pain in your elbow while rotating movement?


The people over 40 years and weight lifters have tendinitis. It causes pain near by your joint and known to be an inflammation of joint or tendon.

Tip: Apply ice on the painful area for maximum 20-minute intervals to relieve the pain.

Golfer's elbow:

One can feel this pain at the ulna side of the elbow. Exercises that cause such pain are: Triceps Presses, Barbell Curls, Dumbbell Flies and Up And Down Movement Of The Forearms.

Pain at the front of the elbow:

The people who work hard by doing over training their biceps can cause this issue. Some of the exercises that trigger this pain are: Biceps Curls, Preacher Curls, Concentration Curls, Or Hammer Curls.



People who are in the line of weight lifting, can develop arthritis over time.

Prevention: Consume more vitamins by eating fruits and vegetables regularly and take glutamine supplements if you can.

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